A Taste of South Florida

Life's a Beach, My afternoon tour of the Breaker's
Life's a Beach, My afternoon tour of the Breaker's

Last weekend I visited Miami, Florida from good old Columbus. Why you ask? To visit Johnson and Wales in North Miami of course. Also while I was there I met some family of mine in Palm Beach. My cousin is the event planner for The Breakers. One of the most godliest hotels i’ve ever seen. I think I held my breath the entire trip. Not only did I get to see what he does on a daily basis (incredible weddings for socialites and people of status) he connected me with one of the two Executive Chefs of The Breakers, Jeff Simms. Chef Simms took me on a tour of all of the kitchens, which yearly have a couple million dollar budgets. They operate five or so restaurants including a five star.
The Breakers Ocean View
The Breakers Ocean View
After seeing the incredible behind the scenes tour I had an incredible lunch of the BEST crabcakes i’ve ever had. Being discerning of texture and slightly suspicious of crabcakes in general, this is a huge statement. During lunch I just tried to breathe, take it all in and try not to zone out looking at the ocean for too long. We had a tour of some of the wedding designs being created DH000008
Yellow themed bridal party table
Yellow themed bridal party table

This trip was eye opening. I’ve grown up in Central Ohio my entire life, i’ve ventured to other major cities, including New York and LA, but I have got to say there is nothing even remotely as beautiful, chic and cosmopolitain as South Florida. They don’t have the Southern twang, or the default sweet tea, it’s practically New York city with an ocean front view. The people there are incredible. Johnson and Wales is incredible but more about that later, and the cities and views I was able to see in my short four day visit left me in awe. I will be returning again in July, i’m in love.


2 thoughts on “A Taste of South Florida

  1. Great Website, Alissa. Love your blog name! I read every entry. J&W, S. Fla. and D’Lites are awaiting your arrival.

  2. How incredibly beautiful. WOW, what an experience for you. The picture of you looking at the ocean is very nice! You look like you’re doing a magazine shoot or something. 🙂 I hope you follow your dreams; cooking, writing, whatever you like. Hey, you can do LOTS of things!!

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