Apple Cider Slushies

There are pretty fantastic little hidden gems in this state.

All my favorite things about fall in Ohio are located in Hocking Hills and the surrounding area. Old Man’s Cave, Cantwell Cliffs, Rock House, Cedar Falls, Zaleski State Park and Lake Hope. All of these places which are already spectacular begin to come alive in the fall.[/caption]

Old Mans Cave
Old Man's Cave
The colors of the trees explode in to yellows and reds and oranges, their fiery colors mingling with the greens and browns. Farms with pumpkins and haunted corn maizes beckon your business as you drive through the rolling hills. There is only one flavor that epitomizes the fusion of winter and summer that is fall, apple cider slushies. In a small town called Laurelville known for it’s apple farms, there is a little garage like building right down the street from the towns main intersection. Next to it is a little brown cabin with tourist information about the Hocking Hills region and it’s attractions. The slushies are only one dollar, and they are worth the incredible scenic drive and anxiety embedded by Deliverance.
Hannah and I enjoying our slushes
Hannah and I enjoying our slushesfall is a wonderful last ditch chance to just take off and play outside, enjoy nature and fresh air.


Wanna see my prairie banana? The story of paw-paws!

Being a former resident of Athens, Ohio I was aware of these little paw-paws all around me. There are trees everywhere. I had never eaten one, nor seen one in natural form, only in jams n’ jellies. The paw paw looks like a papaya from the outside, with green skin. However it is in the same family, the Allocenes as ylang-ylang. It is the only member genus of the group that can live outside of tropical zones. Ohio is the home of the “common paw-paw” and they are common, Athens county hosts the Paw Paw festival!

So I ate one. Deelicious! It tastes like a mango/banana with the texture of an avocado. Pretty fantastic. It’s also supposed to be very good for the immune system! The tree bark and leaves and stems can also be used to create an organic fertilizer.
Fun Facts:
Because of it’s lack of smell pollination doesn’t occur as often as most fruit bearing trees, so some farmers put dead roadkill under the trees (mmm, gross).

The Pawpaw was discovered by white people (Hernando Desoto) in 1541 who found Native Americans harvesting it

It is considered the largest fruit in North America, (I assume this means tree fruit, because watermelons are significantly larger)

Get your skinny on

Who wants to be fat these days?
Not me.

So devised a plan. Take all the skinny foods and mix them together and make them taste good and eat a ton of it. Who hates that idea? Not me, not me.

The break down
3 cups of spinach
1 cup of instant brown rice
1/3 cup onion
2 tbsp garlic
1 tbsp butter
2 tbsp Parmesan
2 tbsp red wine
1 fillet tilapia

In a sautee pan add a splash of olive oil, garlic, butter and let cook for 2 minutes max on medium heat. Once everything has created a just deeee lishy smell, add that old piece of fish. As it’s cooking, make instant brown rice.

As the fish cooks begin breaking it down in to natural pieces, flakes of fish to be exact, you will notice that the fish smell is still quite overwhelming, add red wine to kill fishy stank.

While the red wine reduces with the myriad of other tasty yums, add all the spinach and watch it cook together. As the water cooks out of the spinach and the beautiful green mixes with the red stir together. Add brown rice. Continue to mix and serve with parm on top. Yum, and done, you are eating like a triathlon runner without obsessing about the minuscule butter involved. Good for you multitasking athlete, good for you.
Breakdown- healthy whole grains, a ton of fabulous greens, and tilapia, an incredibly lean fish and btw’s taste awesome.

Good night Columbus.

Gourmet Magazine has died at 70

Conde Nast shut down four magazines today including Gourmet. Which is sort of sad.

The pictures and articles were ok.
The recipes were pretty neat.
Overall, I think it’s good they’re gone and make way for new and incredibly talented magazines to get on shelves. Saveur could definately be more available.

Inevitably these things happen, we are in a recession and you can get all the food fixin’s you want online for free. The tangible is exciting and somewhat more portable however, the iphone will soon make that niche extinct. ADAPT OR DIE CONDE NAST 🙂

As i’m sure some of you are upset i’m just kind of annoyed. Annoyed that I keep hearing the recession is over. It surely is not.

What are your thoughts?

What the economy is doing to our diet

So you’re not buying pelligrino anymore, double cream brie is only for special occasions and wine now only comes from trader joes. But we’re foodies here. Today I went on a grocery shopping trip where less then a benjamin was spent, but the nutrition content was ridiculous. A house of frat boys can eat for a week at Kroger’s. 10 for 10 specials are everywhere, mostly in the frozen/ hot dog area. But can’t we get back to basics? Is there not a way to simplify our diets while at the same time keeping ourselves healthy and our wallets from Whole Foods dismay?

I would love some feed back.
Also, I totally ate a corn dog and a frozen pizza today and drank a pabst blue ribbon GUILDY.