6:30 Breakfast

This morning I woke up and while checking my facebook I had seen that my sister had written sn90217114918_8185omething rude about one of us girls. Being vague and not pointing blame at a particular one I commented on her status. A poor choice. In a matter of minutes I hear elephant stomps running down the stairs “ALISSA YOU’RE AWAKE!”. Apparently my sister Kristen hadn’t slept at all. She tried to lay in my bed and I pushed her out, then said “girl let’s get breakfast”.

The infamous Krystal, stomp stomp stomp
The infamous Krystal, stomp stomp stomp

The little sleepy town of powell barely wakes up early. Bob Evans wasn’t open, Scrambler’s looked dead. But there is a Delaware county staple that can not be forgotten and often is, the Mean Bean. There are at least three locations that i’m aware of, one in Downtown Delaware, and two in Powell. They have a little drive thru at our location on Liberty Rd, as the building used to occupy a bank. It was foggy this morning so our heads weren’t exactly clear either, we walked inside.

I have never been inside this location, I have used the drive thru on several occasions. The lady who works there in the morning put up with my sister and I’s nonsense very well as we carefully selected our breakfast: a turkey and swiss and chicken salad sandwiches, two cookies, two cherry 7-ups and a Mocha Latte.

Blurry.Whack.Crackberry Pic
Blurry.Whack.Crackberry Pic
We sat down on a little yellow couch and talked about our lives and where are futures were going.

It is so important to support and enjoy the local fare of your area. Not only is the business our neighbor, the people who own it and work there are our neighbors too. It takes a village. The interior is comfortable and cozy. The coffee is wonderful, the service is personal. Most of their outside product is local. And may I remind you that local is not a dirty word like organic, you don’t have to squeeze your wallet to support. Often times local is cheaper. Next time you cross the Franklin/Delaware county line and want to bee-line to Starbucks, think of the locals. Because I don’t think any of the Starbucks CEO’s are our neighbors.


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