Brown Bag Deli in German Village

Who knew of the beauty that could be found inside....
Who knew of the beauty that could be found inside....

Brown Bag Deli
898 Mohawk St • Columbus, Ohio 43206
Tel: (614) 443-4214 • Fax: (614) 443-9905
Open: Monday – Saturday 9am to 8pm – Sunday 10 – 6

Monday afternoon was absolutely beautiful. To celebrate my incredible tolerance for my boyfriends new video game obsession, he took me to dinner and let me pick. First of all, being a suburbanite most/all of my life, minus that minor stint in Athens, I love German Village. I’m totally drooling. I love the old houses, I love all of the brick and while we sat outside I looked down the street and saw tons of people running, playing, painting and hanging out in Schiller park. It was picturesque to say the least, to see such a sublime sense of community from an appropriate and quiet distance. The food was pretty good too.

Brown bag offers probably 10 or so different sandwiches, I had “The Village Addiction” which was Havarti, Turkey and Cranberry mayo, pressed and grilled. It was amazing. I had an asparagus and potato bisque and that was fabulous too! To top it off with Dr. Brown’s black cherry soda, heavenly (even diet is beyond palatable). I would really suggest this restaurant, it was absolutely wonderful. Sitting outside with my best friend/boyfriend and having a great dinner outside in Columbus’ beautiful German Village was just downright amazing.


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