I may not be Oprah, but I have a few favorite things

A deli standard, Dr. Brown’s has gone diet. So us sugarphobes can enjoy a delicious deli salad and docta browns!

YUM! This “ice cream” mix, is so good and taste like any regular soft serve/fro-yo. Only 50 calories per serving? Yeah, I almost dropped dead too. Only downfall? Only in Florida! Franchises are available. Can you imagine what kind of crazy money you would make in the short north with one of these joints? Powell, Dublin? New Albany?!




So good, my favorite with grapes and good wine and my Mom in the living room!

Double Duh
Double Duh

Just a few, that was fun. Good way to spend time in the airport! More to come 🙂


Grace Diner

breakfast1Powell, Ohio at times makes me proud, this is one of those times.
Grace Diner is a new breakfast restaurant with a kicked back retro diner feel. They serve a fantastic breakfast with homemade potatoes served and cooked with an orange slice (delicious). They have home made biscuits that are unconventional in look but they taste fantastic.

The staff there is absolutely wonderful. The women who work there are very nice. I highly recommend sitting at the counter. Grace Diner has a fantastic Chef, I failed to get his full name but he was a student at Hocking College of Culinary Arts and then later taught the program there. He is a fantastically well educated and nice guy. He also was a great resource to talk about starting culinary school with.

Grace Diner offers amazing, huge deserts, a fabulous breakfast menu and a good lunch menu. The menu isn’t necessarily extensive, it’s rather small but everything is of the highest quality and served with a smile and an obvious passion for cooking.
grace diner eat

I went in on a Saturday morning, had breakfast and hit the farmer’s market in Clintonville and I must say it was a fantastic day, and Grace Diner had a heavy hand in it.