Bon Bon Vivant is a blog for me to share life experiences, things I love and a titch of humor.
Thinking cap= On[/caption]

About me: My name is Alissa, also known to the internet world as BonBonVivant. I am engaged to a wonderful man named Curtis who’s absolutely amazing (and very attractive). We live in Columbus, Ohio with our two dogs Shiloh and Jack. I studied archaeology, anthropology and business for the last several years and i’m working on my bachelor’s degree in anthropology from the prestigious and infamous Ohio University. I love life, I love hard work and I truly believe we are in control of our own fate. Through hard work and a strong tolerance for adversity we can achieve any and all things. No one can make your path through this world for you, and walking any one else’s path leads you further and further from your own. So get inspired! Get working! Start dreaming! Oh, and read my blog, thank you!


7 thoughts on “About This Gal

  1. I have a lot more reading of your beautiful thoughts and words…before I comment!
    But you are amazing, and lovely, and dear to me.

    I must leave it at that for now…am sending your URL to her so she can view YOU from the library in Galveston….she is computerless at this point!

    Lots new here, but you could send an address or personal email. I will share with everyone!

  2. great site; now I am hungry. LIKE the pics of the recipes, but add a few more pics of you too, since you are one of the focuses of the site and look like your mom.

    1. Hahaha! Great comment. I’ve been a little behind due to my new job. Hopefully should be caught up and back in action by Friday

  3. i love this website. you did a great job with this.
    luv the picture!!!!! i will pass this website to all my
    family and friends. keep up the good work!!!

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