Last Day

Today is my last day at my office.

I can not express how sad I am.  I have taken a new and very exciting job in a different field and I am totally pumped about it. It will really be difficult to replace what I have had here.

I have had family, and support, and joy.  I have struggled and grown. I have learned so much! And they gave me the space to do so.

I think it is really difficult to appreciate our jobs. No matter what they are. It’s difficult to not resent work just a little bit. But practicing gratitude in my office has really let me see what I have been gifted with. Even in times when it was really hard.

Are you in a job you don’t love? Are you looking for another job and can’t get anywhere with the process.

Let me tell you a little secret.

I was really miserable here for a long time, looking outside to support what was missing, and the damage was spilling over at home. I was crying and fighting. I was in a very resistant place. And I was looking for more of this? For a new job that felt like where I was vibrationally? Law of attraction is not going to give you a new job when you can’t stand where you are. It will just give you more of the same. It was not until I learned to love my job that I was able to find a new one. Now I get to really reflect on what the last two years have meant. I have bonded with incredible people, I have grown exponentially. I have honed in skills that are absolutely essential not only for survival, but to thrive. I owe a lot to a place I didn’t once love.

The world has such a funny sense of duality that way. Growing pains, expanding your consciousness, all of these things are so incredibly uncomfortable.  But it’s what makes us great. It’s what makes it worth the journey.

What journey are you on?

Have a blessed day,

Alissa XoXo


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