Love something, let it go, if it comes back….


The last time I wrote a blog post here, I was 22, just engaged to my now husband, and living in Upstate New York.  I was an aspiring chef, writer and confused millennial deep in the heart of the great recession.  And then things got real. Very, very, very real. In the past 5 years since i’ve written in this blog, this  amazing blog that saved my sanity from a deep depression, and a very hard season in my life, I have emerged with three beautiful children, a wonderful husband whom I love, and a fantastic job. I have learned so much along the way.

I received a text last night from my sister Stephi and she said “you need to start Bon Bon Vivant again” and I agree. I have been through an extremely transformational process and where I was writing from a very naive perspective at 22 I feel so much more connected with myself as a woman, with my creative abilities, with my view on the world, and hell, i’m a MOM now.

Since my sons were born (Liam, 2 and my twins Christopher and Dominic, 1) I have been in this battle to create my life to give to them what I never had and alleviate the burdens that the world places on all of us and give them the best life they could possibly ask for. I worked my ass off. My husband has built a business from the ground up and it is expanding everyday. What i’m realizing now, is that its time to cool it on the ambition, and watch all the beauty and magic that’s happening around me. I want to serve others and the world whether it is through food, or conversation or even just words floating out there in the internet to help them find people find their ideal lives. And in doing so, hopefully they will not have to face the many hardships that I had to in getting to where I am now.

So BBV is going to shift a little. We are still going to talk about food, obviously, but I would like to add more.  I want to talk about what nourishes our soul. What we need as human beings and especially as women to become whatever we want to be and however we invision that looking for ourselves. Because it truly does look different to everyone. We get (and are blessed!) to create our own lives.

I don’t want this to feel like a big old stiff Oprah session, I still want this to be fun and relaxed, because anyone who knows me knows that my seriousness last for about 10 minutes, maybe an hour if i’m doing a presentation, but even then the fun comes out. We should get to enjoy this process and fight for what we want in a loving way. I am still in my 20s! I don’t want to sit around getting wrinkles about my life! I want to enjoy it for fuck’s sake, and i’m sure you do too.

Let’s go on a little journey, shall we?

With love,

Alissa Taglione


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