I’m so ashamed!

It has been over a year since I have updated this little child of mine. How embarrassing! I will say that if you look at the last post of my new job announcement in February of last year you would think that with a new job like that the doors would open wide! Cooking under an experienced and successful chef? Learning all sort of new things? Engaged and moving on to New York and starting life all over?! Think again Cinderella! Just because you found your prince doesn’t mean you get to stop shaving your legs.

In the last year I have had 5, FIVE jobs.
1. Sous Chef
-Laid off
2. Hospital Dietary Aide
-Quit due to HORRIBLE coworkers
3. Bartender and Cook at a Country Club
-That was pretty great but I was so lonely and homesick I thought I was going to die. And I really hate bartending
4. Retail Sales
-Quit because I was over scheduled with College courses and ANOTHER job
5. Childcare and cooking
-Quit due to the fact that no matter how passionate you can be about your job, people will always try to hold you down.

I loved everything I did. Absolutely every job no matter how high my blood pressure got (Assistant Chef) or how bad the gossip got (Hospital) or how hard I worked and being continually passed by for promotion (Child Care) I was in love. I love people, I love hard work. But I will absolutely not be held under water by management. I smell entrepreneurship…

I am going to try to start a couple little businesses while I chart the waters for a new job that has the hours I need while I go back to school. I will be tracking this on my website and will have other websites available through BonBonVivant.


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