BBV Girl, We’ve Got to Do Something With Your Look

Well, BBV has once again awoken from it’s coma.
Nothing new.

However I am going to start expanding our topics here, because being a happy, unrestrained, life force in the world isn’t only limited to cooking delicious food. Plus, who, for the love of God, needs another food blog. Not me. Adapt or die.

Things I would like to add:
-Human interest stories: inspiration from people I know, strangers and people who take life to a new level.
-Business and marketing strategies: building repertoire in the world so that we can financially fuel our desire for everything sparkly.
-Expanded book reviews; go beyond the kitchen Alissa, you can do it.
-Product reviews: Clothing, shoes, purses, men’s wear, jewelry and accessories. Tech gear, workout clothes.
-Current events
-Things that make me happy.

Here’s the deal:
I feel like there is great potential within the realm of this little digital box. I no longer wish to narrow it’s potential and I hope to expand it. Not only with content but with other writers and other voices.

A Bon Vivant is defined as someone who lives luxuriously and enjoys good food and drink.
In this world we have lots of luxury. We have the luxury of having a roof over our head, The luxury of choosing our own job. The luxury for women to walk freely and (almost) as equally as men. This is a life style of living life to the fullest. Giving is a luxury, working hard is a luxury, taking care of the world we have been given is a luxury. Are we together on this? Life is about taking the world on, breaking down walls, and reshaping beauty and experience. I would like to see this blog as part of that.


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