9 Christmas Gifts for Foodies

Late but fun list of Christmas gifts under $50.00 for all of those foodies on your list! Click on photos to access products online.

1. Drum Salt and Pepper Shakers, Holy Cute! That warms me up and makes me think of the islands, and college drum circles..ahh the memories.

S&P Shakers with a riddum $19.95 at DrumBum.com

2. Brew your own Sake! It’s fun to do beer, and wine but this is different and fun and puts a spin on your sushi night.

Sake Brewing Kit from BrewOrganic.com $9.95

3. I’m a big fan of hand made products especially recycled ones. This is a melted wine bottle turned into a cheese plate. Genius. Oh and it’s $10.00!

Wine and Cheese! Etsy.com Tapena Wine Cheese Plate $9.95

4. If you are over the Julia Child cookbook and tackled it with ease and laughter, I challenge you to Escoffier. The Godfather of modern french cooking- this book is the bible for culinary professionals and amateurs. It is now available for online download for $7.00 but is also available in hard back form on Amazon.com.

Escoffier's Cookbook Available for $7.00 Download!

5. I think this is a fun way to spice up your Gin and Tonic. While it is horrible to create novelty products out of tragic historical events, I find that due to the infamous Titanic movie and it’s also infamous Celine Dion soundtrack, these ice cubes are more then appropriate for alcoholic beverages while attempting to enjoy all three.

If you can't beat the ice, join it? $7.50 at Amazon.com

6. Bento Boxes. I’m waiting for these to catch on. With the recession and more people cooking at home and bringing their lunches to work, along with dieting with the new year, these boxes provide great portion control. Most are really obnoxious and girly, but this one is basic and plain and would look great with an apple sticker on it.

Bento Boxes, Great for New Year's Resolutions $22.50 at JBox.com

7. I didn’t intend to put these on the list, but when I stumbled on them on amazon.com they were instantly added. From the same creators of the titanic ice cubes, we bring beer bands. Perfection. I am ordering them this week.
Beer Bands! $6.00 at Amazon.com

8. These aprons are the epitome of sexy. It’s a vintage, domestic diva look that heats things up in the kitchen. Super cute.
Jessie Steele Aprons, Hot and Vintage $32.95 at JessieSteele.com

9. I thought this was an interesting book!
The History of Food in New York $19.80 at Amazon.com

Happy Holidays and I hope you enjoy!


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