What the economy is doing to our diet

So you’re not buying pelligrino anymore, double cream brie is only for special occasions and wine now only comes from trader joes. But we’re foodies here. Today I went on a grocery shopping trip where less then a benjamin was spent, but the nutrition content was ridiculous. A house of frat boys can eat for a week at Kroger’s. 10 for 10 specials are everywhere, mostly in the frozen/ hot dog area. But can’t we get back to basics? Is there not a way to simplify our diets while at the same time keeping ourselves healthy and our wallets from Whole Foods dismay?

I would love some feed back.
Also, I totally ate a corn dog and a frozen pizza today and drank a pabst blue ribbon GUILDY.


2 thoughts on “What the economy is doing to our diet

  1. I say if you’re able to shop local farmer’s markets that’s a good start. My local grocery store carries a ton of local produce and an in-house organic brand, which saves me some money as well as letting me cook using good ingredients. As much as I’d love to save the $$ others do by shopping the sales and using coupons, I’m with you, I cannot make myself eat that stuff! We don’t even have any Ramin in my house. However I do find myself shopping my local Food 4 Less for some items – like whole wheat pasta, and who can pass the cheap prices on Coke (my one junk food splurge). Good luck – look forward to reading other’s ideas.

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