Summer Camp Memories; Camp Bacon


Camp Bacon? Where is the sign up sheet?

When I saw the event listing I just knew I couldn’t go on living if I didn’t experience such an artery clogging
event of pigletry and piggy treats. Set up by Wild Goose Creative, Camp Bacon brought together all things
bacon, a food contest, an art contest, and the best part, bacon cooking outside on the sidewalk all day.

Needless to say I spent most of my time outside participating in piggish, bulimia inducing bacon
consumption. I tried a couple of the food entries as well, I ate a chocolate covered strawberry and rolled in bacon bits- and it was spicy…so that was special. I love the idea of chocolate and adding heat from a chile to the chocolate but this was just too much. The art was fantastic, the stitch and bitch group had a scarf made to look like bacon, there was bacon jewelry, and photo art inspired by bacon.

Last but not least I got the greatest freebies! Bacon Chapstick, Bacon Salt, did I mention they had free bacon going all day? It was really hot outside as well as inside, so the combination of bacon, sweat and grease and a ton of bloated people in a small building really made me feel gross. Overall I really enjoyed myself and I hope there will be a Camp Bacon next summer

More Pictures!!




Note: Wild Goose Creative offers great events. Check out there website:


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