Tanahairku Indonesian Market

Tanahairku Indonesian Market
3333 North High Street, Columbus, Ohio 43202

f_tanahairku_sWhat does Indonesia Taste like? Well, if it’s anything like it’s delicacies i’d have to say fantastic. I had stumbled in to this little grocery store while shopping one afternoon in Clintonville and learned more about Indonesian food then I would have ever known. The owner of the store was more then informative and helpful, answering all my questions and teaching me more about products and process of Indonesian cuisine. A Ph. D. Graduate of Telecommunications at Ohio University, Rami decided the academic world was not her specific path and moved to Columbus to open her store and pursue her love of food and cooking. Her enthusiasm for Indonesian food is infectious and myself being more acquainted with Indian and some Southeast Asian cooking I was eager to learn.

This cracker has plenty of options for um, crackers.
This cracker has plenty of options for um, crackers.
While I have yet to try more savory entree dishes which are served at another nearby Indonesian restaurant, Tanahairku offers homemade delicacies on Saturday afternoons.

The two delicacies I tried today were both incredible and unbelieveably not in anyway foreign to my palate or tastes. Using palm sugar (an unrefined brown sugar made of the sap from the palm trees) and rice flower, kue cucor was mild and sweet in flavor having about the same consistency and taste of a funnel cake. I ate them in the car while driving home and I promised to only eat one, I ate two. The other delicacy I had tried was a pancake like cake with a coconut based sauce. These were called Serabi Kuah I brought it home and it was delicious. If we had pancakes like that in the US I would actually eat them. indonesian market 2
They carry lots of other products including Palm Sugar, Crackers, Teas, Preserved fruit (including snake fruit, I ate, I liked it), Noodles, Cookbooks, Tempeh and many others.

Definitely stop in and check it out, I always say, as a cook your ingredients are paints to your canvas. Adding colors, textures and flavors not only adds depth, complexity and creativity to your food, it also adds beauty.


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