I’m going to take your mother to a nice seafood dinner and never call her again

Friday Dinner
Brian and I discovered on Thursday that our extreme fatigue was caused by our recent love affair with the Burger King. After actually eating a dinner that wasn’t ordered from my car we both felt like we had come back to life. This leap of energy inspired me to cook a lovely meal for three using my favorite things: seafood, pasta, lemon butter sauce and portobello mushrooms. It was awesome and everyone inhaled it, we paired it with some fruit salad and corn on the cob.

Here’s how I worked my magic-
1. Get a bag of seafood whatever kind you like, I found a nice inexpensive blend of Calamari, Bay Scallops and Shrimp for about 6.99
2. Get yourself some butter, white wine, garlic, parsley and lemon oh yeah and red onion
Add olive oil to your sautee pan when hot add garlic and chopped onion let oil absorb the flavor
Add the butter and portobellos and the seafood, dump it all in
Add some white wine to taste and lemon grind some peppa n’ salt add fresh parsley last
Let it simmer for about 15 Minutes and cook the pasta
Toss it all together and throw on some parm and eat!

Who needs flowers at home with such a lovely table cloth?
Who needs flowers at home with such a lovely table cloth?

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