Tuula’s European Style Cafe

Tuula’s European Style Cafe
3856 Hard Rd
Dublin, OH 43017
(614) 923-3083
Located in the new Kroger Market Place Plaza off of Sawmill Road in Dublin, near Average Joe’s Pub and Hoggy’s

A slice of America! (European Style)
A slice of America! (European Style)

A lovely afternoon of being the nasty little pigs my sister and I are, we snarfed some Hoggy’s and then had dessert at Tuula’s Cafe. The inside is very nice and neat with white walls and a clean contemporary setting. The small cafe offers comfortable seating and a wide selection of delicious treats and coffee and bistro style lunch offerings (salads, sandwiches, quiche), and a selection of coffee yums. OH! and I failed to mention (save the best for last) gelato (jah-lat-uhoh). They have phenomenal gelato. It’s a nice place to stop and have a little snick snack or a giant piece of cake with your sister. It’s a very unique offering to the area, the food is top quality and it’s comfortable, casual seating offers a luxury that busy Panera or Starbucks lacks. Oh and not to mention SUPPORT LOCAL BUSINESS!


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