Fat Saturday Breakfast

Oh My! It's Fat Saturday dear! Let's not forget to take our heart medication
Oh My! It's Fat Saturday dear! Let's not forget to take our heart medication
Brian and I have a tradition. On Saturday mornings, I make breakfast. He’s kind of a country guy so I make sure it’s really bad for us. We usually don’t have to eat again until 6pm. This breakfast has also been known to reduce hangovers and induce afternoon naps.

The best part about Fat Saturday is waking up late, cooking leisurely for two in my pajamas and smelling all the good breakfast smells; bacon, sausage, fried potatoes. You could add coffee, but we don’t usually drink it. It’s about the food yes, but it’s mostly about taking one hour on a Saturday morning and indulging. We both work all week- so a Fat Saturday breakfast, a little TV, and couch snuggling is probably the best way I can think of to spend the morning.

Requirements of Fat Saturday Breakfast:
1. It MUST be bad for you
2. Cheese
3. Grease
4. It must all be able to be mixed together
5. It must taste even better with sour cream or ketchup. Some exceptions allowed.

We have had several different renditions of Fat Saturday breakfast.
Here are a few examples:

This morning was fried potatoes, ground Bob Evans sausage, two over easy eggs and cheese on top, which was wonderful, greasy and exceptionally good with either sour cream or ketchup (catsup?).

Another, more creative, Fat Saturday was an Egg in a Basket (toad in the hole, egg toast, whatever you call it) which consists of making a hole in a piece of toast and then placing it in a pan with butter, dropping in an egg and frying. When I finished frying up my egg n’ a basket I topped it with bacon and apples and sharp cheddar cheese. Needless to say, this was a hit.

Egg in a basket
Egg in a basket

As summer comes along we will introduce more vegetables and get more creative. We should have more ready access to fresh food. We will be able to eat outside in the sunshine and maybe Fat Saturday may get a little thinner. I will keep everyone updated. Look for Fatter Saturday posts to come.


2 thoughts on “Fat Saturday Breakfast

  1. were you looking in our kitchen window this morning? are you secretly blogging about my life? bc we do this on a sat/sun morning as often as possible! made me hungry for another breakfast!! šŸ™‚

    1. Ever since I wrote that post all I can think about is fat saturday breakfast and how it’s going to SABOTAGE my bikini season. We all must make sacrifices!

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