Columbus Clipper’s join Columbus Breweries? A What-If

After reading an article in the NY Times discussing the appalling fact that the Met’s stadium carries Brooklyn Brewery beers and the closest thing the new Yankee’s stadium carries is Stella Artois. Apparently you practically have to suck someone off to get a Guinness at the new Yankee stadium. So as the little wheels in my head start to turn as they often do I began thinking, Columbus+New Stadium+ Emphasis on Community= Local Marketing Aspect at Hunington Stadium?
Think of all the wonderful opportunities this could create! What if you could have Jeni’s Ice Cream and a locally brewed Russian Imperial stout? What if you could get your own personal Columbus Clipper’s take home beer growler?! Maybe a little snick snack from your favorite North Market stand? The options here are endless.

A little touch of community, why not? The tickets are cheap, so spend a little extra on beer and food!

I’m about to twitter the marketing department over there and ask for a job.

Support local farmers, support local business, support Columbus and that will help ease the burden of the economy while continuing to put our name on the map. That and I really want a Columbus Clipper’s beer growler.


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