The Lost Shepherd: Baaahahaha! That’s some good shit.

Lost Shepherd Tavern
Lost Shepherd Tavern
The Lost Shepherd in Powell, Ohio is seriously awesome.
Where do I start?
1. It’s in my neighborhood
2. It has a great bar with wonderful beer (see #1)
3. The food is great
4. The menu is well thought out and has an emphasis on organic products and quality ingredients
5. The food is AFFORDABLE!

In the land of milk and honey and boob jobs and housing developments known as Powell, Ohio, a star has been born. Not like Miley Cyrus, but this restaurant is incredible. I don’t know who this Chris Newton guy is, but he’s pretty awesome. Self described as “part tavern, part upscale restaurant”, the Lost Shepherd combines my two favorite things, classy well-made food, and a lot of dark n’ tasty beer. Plates range between $8-$18.

The Portobello Pizza, made with boursin cheese and roasted red peppers, has a surprisingly mild flavor. When considering a flavor combination of portobellos and red peppers I would usually think a more bold cheese selection like feta or gorgonzola, but the boursin gives it a smoothness only to be compared to the Fonz or John Stamos.

They even use pink pepper on their menu for christ’s sake! I haven’t seen pink pepper anywhere except for the fantasy food world of the internet. Pink pepper scallops grilled on lemon rounds….um? wow.

To elaborate on my interests in their beer selection, they carry a lot of Great Lakes brewery beers, which is always nice to see. Eliot Ness…need I say more?
Here is a partial beer list from
(affiliated numbers are prices)

Great Lakes- Burning River 4.
Saint Bernardus 6.
Murphy’s Irish Red 4.
Dogfish- 60 Min IPA 5.
Sam Adams- Seasonal 4.
Stella Artois 5.
Guinness 5.
Harp 4.5
Bells- 2
Hearted Ale 5.
Blue Moon 4.5
Smithwicks 5.
Miller Lite 3.

U.S. Micro Brew
Anchor Steam 4.
Sam Adams 4.
Sam Adams-Light 4.
Great Lakes- Eliot Ness 4.
Great Lakes- Porter 4.
Wild Blue- Blueberry Lager 4.
Shiner Bock 4.
Sierra Nevada- Pale Ale 4.
Stone- Pale Ale 5.
Stone- IPA 5.

Check out the website for a full menu, hours and location. I would highly suggest making a trip!
345 West Olentangy St. Powell, Ohio 43065


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