How I Learned to Cook

Book Review:

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How I learned to cook

As I embarked on my quest to find my true passion for cooking, I, being the nerd I am, did some research. I was looking for mentors, for people to inspire me in my journey to the culinary field. I found this book through the library search engine and I have to say it is one of the most incredible collections of essays I’ve read in quite some time. It contains several essays from incredible chefs all over the world, from Anthony Bourdain to Tom Colicchio to Mario Batalli. Living and working in places all over the world, in Italy, France, and Spain. These stories are not for the faint of heart to say the least. The culinary world is full of freaks and mistakes and hard lessons to learn. Some of the stories are quotable, some memorable and some absolutely inspiring. Most of these culinary deities fell in to cooking, as destiny would have it, however, most of these stories are more appalling then inspirational. I would highly suggest this as a great summer by the pool read. 40 Chefs, 40 stories and one sunny afternoon with a water bottle full of crystal light and vodka sounds like a good afternoon to me.


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